Maryland Literacy Programme


As learner empowerment is one of the main aims of our programme we are proud of the many achievements of our adult learners over the years.

We congratulate all adult learners who have worked towards achieving their personal aims and who are taking their rightful places in society. May these personal achievements of our learners motivate all to continue with Life Long Learning.. Maryland is proud to have three adult learners on the Board.

Popular Education Network (PEN)

Maryland learners were representatives at the inaugural meeting of PEN in Durban and Jesminna Mentoor was elected as National Vice-Chaiperson.

Levels of literacy in South Africa is a product of the relationship which we have developed between blacks and whites in the course of 300 years of white domination. Thus, the full significance of socio-cultural and political process on literacy cannot be understood simply in terms of statistical presentation" Dr James Marsh founder member of Popular Education Network


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